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Stream Machine

Is designed for capturing and broadcasting your events to the online world, our mobile video production service ensures a flawless streaming experience. Whether you’re hosting a corporate presentation, wedding ceremony, live music performance, or any other event, we’ve got you covered.

Stream Machine Details

  • With support for up to 8 cameras or video sources, our Stream Machine enables dynamic and multi-angle coverage of your event.
  • We provide archival recordings and editing services, allowing you to preserve and share your event content even after the live stream.
  • Our skilled team can seamlessly integrate pre-recorded videos and graphics into the live stream, adding an extra layer of visual appeal.
  • To ensure uninterrupted delivery, we utilize redundant hardware and network connections for maximum reliability.
  • Our highly experienced engineers and operators work diligently behind the scenes to guarantee exceptional production quality.
  • At Hardwired, we prioritize safety and strictly adhere to CDC recommendations on PPE and Social Distancing protocols.

Beyond Live Streaming Services, Hardwired and our network of partners offer a wide range of technology solutions and services. Our expertise extends to consultation, design, installation, maintenance, and operation of A/V, low voltage, and digital signage systems. Additionally, we provide technical staffing for live events and productions. With our comprehensive approach, we ensure your events are equipped with the latest technology and run seamlessly from start to finish.

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